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Local and regional governments and their associations

Your roadmap to the EDLS!

- Read the charter if you have no done it already!

- Organise your awareness raising activity between 12–24 November 2017, qualify for the EDLS label and logo, and be promoted in the official EDLS programme! Get inspired! Check 2017 and 2016 programs. Download our communication toolkit and use the flyer, poster and banner!

- Connect with other EDLS participants, European cities and regions active in the field of development education and awareness raising, to exchange on best practices and find inspirational stories to enrich your activity!

- Contact PLATFORMA, the voice of European cities and regions active in development

- Learn more about sustainable development, awareness raising and development education!

Some resources:

- Section: PLATFORMA publications

Citizens and civil society organisations

Get informed and team up with your local council!

The EDLS is an opportunity to strengthen the local commitment in favour of equality, human rights, democracy and environment. Check the EDLS programme to find the activity closest to your city and region and take part. Share on Twitter and Facebook using #localsolidaritydays.

Do you know what are the Sustainable Development Goals? Did you know you and your city have a role to play in their achievement? Want to know more?
Sustainable development goals video

Video: Sustainable development goals (SDGs)

The Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) wants to tell the world how the SDGs are translated at the local level in Flanders and what is their relevance for the Flemish local governments. In 2016 the VVSG published a declaration of municipal engagement for the SDGs that has been signed by one fifth of the Flemish municipalities so far (this declaration is also available in Dutch, Spanish and French).

Localizing the SDGs video

Video: Localising the SDGs

But… what does “localising the SDGs” exactly mean? What are the responsibilities of local and regional governments in their implementation? What can citizens do for sustainable development? UN Development Programme (UNDP) ART Initiative explains.

SDGs Action Campaign Website

Website: SDGs Action Campaign

Ready to get inspired? The SDGs Action Campaign is promoted by the UN Secretary-General and the UN Development Programme (UNDP). Here you will find a wide range of projects, initiatives and concrete actions in support of the SDG implementation all over the world.

Are you part of an association or group active in development education and awareness-raising on multi-cultural issues, global equality and sustainability?

Local and regional governments play an important role in enabling and promoting the mobilisation of citizens through their support to civil society organisations, NGOs active in international cooperation, schools and universities, sport clubs, among others. Ask your city council to support your action for sustainable development! à Check out our best practices section (of the EDLS 2017 website) !

How can you help your city or region get involved in the EDLS?

- Check the programme of the EDLS 2017 edition and have a look at our list of ideas of what you can already do in your town or region!

- Ask your neighbourhood, city or region to contact us and join the EDLS 2017!

- Follow the initiative and get to know what the EDLS participants do by visiting our Facebook and Twitter and using #localsolidaritydays!

- Get to know PLATFORMA! The voice of European cities and regions active in development.

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